Saturday, April 25, 2009

Taiping schools

Located at Station Road in Taiping town, the King Edward VII School was formerly known as the Central School. Opened in 1883, it was the first English school in the state. It got a name-change when it reopened in 1905 and has remained one of the most scenic schools in the state, thanks to the 100-year-old Flame of the Forest trees on the grounds. Did you know that Taiping breeds a lot of tigers? Blame it on the school lah. lol. Click below to see the School's rich history.

There's a world class band as well. KE 7 has a great school song as well. Some call it the "Tiger School". There is a real stuffed tiger somewhere inside the school. Used to be in the library. Motto is Magni Nominis Umbra. Some say, "Once a Tiger, ALWAYS a Tiger!" (Not Thai girl ya. Cheh.). A bit of hormone injection. Was studying there during the beginning 80s. Many great teachers were there as well. Among Longest Serving ones are Mr Long Heng Hua (Principal until 1984) who came up with "Greater Than Before" slogan, Mr Ravinder Singh (Used to be teased as Junjung; hope you don't mind. You kena whack from him?) and Mr Thong Yoke Seng (Afternoon principal), Mr Yeow (Badminton Coach), Mr Jayapalan, Mr Foo, Mr Lim, Mr Tan Kok Siang, Pak Razak, Mr Leow and the popular Ms Ong (sisters). Any names I miss ka kawan? More about King Edward 7 School here.

Famous Singaporeans like The 1st President Mr Yusof bin Ishak and Mr Chan Sek Keong (Chief Justice) studied here also.

King Edward VII Primary School (I). Many great Tigers studied here. There is a great badminton court where I used train regularly during the mid 80s. Great sound while smashing. BOOM BOOM Phong Phong sound. lol.

Convent Secondary Girl School. Some of the boys like me used to sneak in to play badminton at their open air courts. Kinda showing off to the girls. Gatal ni. Are you one of them also?

Darul Ridzuan Secondary School. Located near Aulong. Some of my great friends are from this school. Has a nick name called "Ta tou lei wan"; meaning "hit until you're dissy". Also have a great nick-song like "Gotta Move On" disco song from the 80s. Are you dancing now?

Hua Lian High School.One of the Famous Chinese Secondary School. One of the first school to have 3 badminton courts. Some Taiping Open Badminton events were held here initially in 80s.

Hua Lian Primary School near Aulong. All the great chinese educated studied here. Use to have challenges between HL 1 and HL 2.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3
St George Secondary School. One of the great and respected school. The primary school is just opposite or near to the football field. Some tease them as Georgie Porgie Pudding and pie... (kidding la, blame my primary cikgu). My Bros studied here as well. Dr. Toh Chin Chye completed his secondary education at St George's Institution. He was a prominent member of Singapore's first generation of political leaders after becoming independent in 1965. 1st Archbishop of Singapore Gregory Yong studied here.


  1. I'm from Johor. But. . . My dear father was originally from Taiping. King Edward VII was his school. Those day, he was staying with his 'Tok Wan' & 'Opah' (grandparents) at their house located at Matang Road. The house are still there.

    He did told me that he go to school by bicycle. Cycling about 2miles from home to reach his school. Datuk Seri Mohamad bin Rahmat (former Menteri Penerangan Malaysia) was his Bahasa teacher at King Edward VII school.

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