Saturday, April 25, 2009

Iconic Taiping

Clock Tower at Taiping Kota road. The bell is now working effective 30th Aug 2018. Bravo!

Some of Taiping famous landmarks. All the famous areas are within 5 minutes drive. You can even cycle around the town. Good exercises and keep your good heart healthy and pumping. Links to the map locations are provided.

The Perak museum is located along Jalan Museum, it was built in 1883. The country’s oldest museum has displays almost 3000 artefacts on zoology, pre-history, economy and ethnology. It contains an impressive collection of archaeological treasures like ancient weapons, aboriginal implements and ornaments that reflect Perak’s rich historical heritage. Half day visit.
Statue of Col. Robert Sandilands Frowd Walker, on the grounds of the Perak Museum. Col Walker was the British Resident of Selangor and Perak who was much admired by both the Malay and Chinese community for settling labour troubles as well as for his hospitality.
The great Historic Museum. First in Malaysia.

British 2nd world war memorial. One the way to Maxwell hill. No one is discriminated. All races are buried and recognised here. Just go there and see it nearer. It will warm your heart and feel proud to be in a multi-racial society. Pass to your friends. This is what Malaysia is all about.
One for all and all for one. This is the true team spirit.

The Taiping Zoo is still the best in Malaysia. Night Safari is also the first and best. However, it can still be improved. Interesting news about the zoo is that, it claimed to have the biggest crocodile in the land. The museum also claimed that it has the bull elephant skeleton that derailed a train in the past with full speed impact! Singapore Zoo is good, but of course, it is more expensive due to the amount of money invested.
Taiping was formerly the British administrative centre in the state during colonial times. The town was built after the feuds over the tin mines of Larut had been put down. In those days, tin mining was a lucrative business and exporting the ore out of state was a common activity. The Taiping Railway Station was built in 1885 to facilitate the transfer of tin to Port Weld in Penang which was then the main point for shipping it out of the country. Before the “iron horse” came into service for this purpose, elephants were used to carry the ore along jungle trails. With the arrival of the locomotive in Malaya – this was the first train put into service here – travel time was greatly shortened to a few hours from two to three days. Did you know that the current site of the town’s railway station is not its original location? The old station formerly sat on the land which is today occupied by the King Edward VII Primary School. When the railway line was extended at the turn of the 20th century, the station was moved to accommodate the expansion. From then till the 1980s, the tracks remained at the old site until they were removed, and the platforms dismantled to make way for roads.

Taiping Train Station during those good old days. Great memories of family reunion and departures from this area. Balik Kampung and Going away from kampung to find a better life. So Romantic.

The new Taiping train station is below. Looks cool.

City hall building below. Opposite to high court.

The Well known Chinese Recreation Club. Has been enhanced since 90s to have pools and more facilities. They even have chess competition here. Breeding of great minds. 2 badminton courts inside.

Esplanade. A place for people to play football, hockey and rugby. I played here representing clubs like Kwang Tung and Sanyo. Some great football matches played here with the likes of Penjara and Polis. Behind it is the Taiping Town Hall which also hosted a few of Taiping Badminton Tournaments. The famous ones like the Mens Doubles Olympic Silver Medallist Cheah Soon Kit played here in Taiping a number of times. Even Datuk Lee Chong Wei came to Taiping to play in exhibition games.

Used to be Cathay Cinema before the 90s. Now a video game arcade or what else. Time changed.

Used to be Lido Cinema till the 1980s. People packed in like sardines to get tickets. James Bond movies, back to the future and starwars were shown here. Used to have a famous laksa shop inside. Now it is being torn down. You can see this icon on this picture from now onwards. Sad case.
The famous Young Man Hindu Association Hall. Many great local badminton players played here. 2 great courts. Need to maintain lah deh. lol


  1. For Lido Cinema you can do the world a great service by showing it in its glory days. This was taken in 1952.

    Note the tree that the town council chopped down. Trees that gave Taiping its beauty are now dwindling in numbers. Taiping people still haven't woken up to that fact.

  2. Sy sempat menonton wayang di Lido Cinema ni on year 1997 - 1998. After that sy berhijrah ke KL utk further study...but when i come back the cinema dh tkde (T_T)
    Cinema mmg besar giler and many memories

  3. may i know any hotels near lido cinema?

  4. may i know any hotels near lido cinema?

  5. The Lido cinema building maybe gone soon. A 2 storey office complex will take its place!!! So, take your photos now before its too late!!

  6. The Lido cinema building maybe gone soon. A 2 storey office complex will take its place!!! So, take your photos now before its too late!!


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