Saturday, April 25, 2009

Taiping Lake Garden (Simply awesome).

Now this is the main refreshing event... Taiping Lake Garden.

The Best of Taiping Lake Garden. The Taiping Lake Gardens is the biggest urban parkland in Malaysia. At 222 acres, the gardens is about as big as Taiping Old Town, such was the size of recreational comfort enjoyed by the folks of Taiping today. Within it is housed massive ponds, lakes, and reputably, the best zoological gardens in Malaysia.

To trace the beginnings of the Taiping Lake Gardens, we have to go back 130 years in time, to around 1880. At that time, there was no gardens, no joggers, and every Chinese man in Taiping town is connection with the preoccupation of extracting one particular ore from the earth: tin. You won't see a single tin dredge in or anywhere near Taiping today, but 130 years ago, Taiping town (at that time known as Larut) was the world's biggest exporter of tin. The high price of tin in the world market propelled enterprenuers to descend on Taiping. As of now, this lake is the most famous natural lake in Malaysia. Be proud to enjoy it.
Die Die must visit. Better than batam, KL, Thailand, Singapore or jb....
You can also suggest the MPT to add more attractive stuffs. eg. plant sakura trees?
Hang mesti Datang. Akan datang tak boleh...
Yi Ting Yau Lai... ta ni te phi khu..
Yat Ting Oi Lei... tiu nia sing...lei lar..
Tat Tiuk Ai Lai... kanina.. bo lai, theng khor...
Vanakam... yen tak yau yen.. um yen tak yau waar... just kidding.
Anyway, this is a place to relax and exercise in the morning and evening hours. Healthy mind, healthy body. Life is short, enjoy it.

Some pictures are borrowed from other Taipingnites. You know who you are. I buy you cendol next time. Thanks people!
New Love.

Gan Hock Beng photos below.

 Winnie Ooi's photo below.
The morning jetty.

Early morning refreshing air. You woke up early before?

From Calvin

Great for wedding shots.

Before tree fall.
Preserving 100+ years old trees.

Below is the Flemington and Grand Baron Hotel at the Lake garden. Smallest roundabout in Taiping.

Evening shots.

China bridge.



The island.




Kama Lodge is near Burmese Pool area. Opposite to ATV site.
Taiping Lake Garden got Uncle Mac Donalds.
Nice blue sky, lake, hills, greenery, cloud and fountain. Really peaceful.

A shot from Maxwell hill.
Taiping zoo residents above.

Picture of beautiful birds in Taiping.
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