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Taiping Food (Gastronomic) places

With the abundance of good food in Taiping, you need to stay here at least 3-4 days just to finish them. Life will be incomplete if you don't try all of them. lol.

Siang Malam Place, just next to KFC. Popular place to eat supper. The street is closed for more tables now. Bagus. Famous for chee cheong fun, ckt, kopi/rotis, nasi lemak, curry noodles and wan tan mee in the evening. For dinner, have to come earlier for mix rice. There are also more stalls opening up.

The Prima restaurant. Famous with WonTonMee dry, Poh Piah, rojak and Chicken rice.

Below is the famous halal Yut Sun restaurant stake by Hainanese. Bong kang lol.

Below is the famous Golden Corner makan place near Jalan Pasar. Changed management. Click on the picture for the location. Only opens in the evenings.

 click to see location.
Assam Laksa. (drool). Also famous in old railway or pokok asam. click for location.

The famous food is KueyTeow Soup, WanTon Mee dry, chicken feet, Curry mee. Kakak/Jia jia  Peng. The owner also sold their business already. So taste is no more authentic.

Famous kt soup. Add lots of chillies to get you 'high' fren. No chilli, no shiok... Constipation is only temporary. lol

There are other nice restaurants available in the evenings as well. The curry fish head in BBQ is good. Slightly more higher end compared to those hawker food stalls. Another good lunch below near Aeon mall kamunting at Jln taiping utara 8.

Below is where you can have some good food for breakfast and lunch time.

Taiping is famous with good food. Enjoy the makan ya. Kenyang2 and sedap2. Warning. Can get food orgy tau tak? Dun blame me ya. There's a saying that if you come to Taiping and haven't tried all the food I recommended, it means you haven't visited Taiping. Faham ka?? lol.
The name is Larut Matang hawker centre (chai chee or casual market). Quite a good varieties here. The Mee Rebus, ccf, prawn mee, Chicken Rice, Fried Kuay Tiaw, Kuehs, Murtabak, Kopi-peng, bubor-cha-cha (dance la), coconut water and the Ice Kachang are good. Some of the kuehs and noodles below. Yummeeeyyy.... tak boleh tahan.. lol.

Famous soya dude and leng zai after 4 hrs Maxwell hike. lol.
Fried fishball noodles above.
Biscuits below.

Roasted chicken rice below.
 Ching Thng
 Fried koay teow
 Loh mai fun. Glutinous rice. Nice fragrant aroma.
 Good old breakfast noodles.
 Mee rebus

Tupai "Chee Cheong Fun". Unique in Malaysia. Available in the morning. In the evening, there are also lots of good eats. Located just behind the BOMBA or next to Taiping Mall. To name a few; the good ones are vegetarian, porridge, claypot rice, wanton curry mee, sotong rojak and the soya bean drinks. See below. Cannot tahan right?
Prawn mee

Tai Chien Restaurant famous popiah at 77 jalan pasar. Also at Prima Food Center. Click for map.

Above is the Pokok Assam Market Icon. The famous eatery is next to it.
This link will bring you to some of the famous stalls in Polok Assam
Pokok Asam hawker centre. Popular for breakfast are wanton mee, fried noodles, mee rebus, fried chicken, nasi lemak, roast pork, chee cheong fun, apum, koay kak, hum chim peng, chai tow koay, roti prata and rat noodle (lou shi fun). The restaurant beside pokok assam basket ball court serves nice food, especially the bread curry prawn. The famous thing about pokok assam now is the curry and asam laksa at 3pm onwards. The ckt in the evening is popular also. Hopefully they can clean up the place a bit. The heong peng biscuit is famous. Located at 35 jln 19, Tmn Sg Mas. Aulong lorong 29 also famous.

Kamunting near to mosque, Aulong or Asam Kumbang areas also have good food. You can always recommend if you know them. Got new asam laksa at the old train station. Do email me if you happen to know good makan place. I know you are a makan kaki as well. Else you won't even read this. lol.

Below is the dried springy home made Wan Ton Mee Taiping style. It is also nice to add curry or asam laksa gravy into the likes of dried beehoon-mee or koayteow-mee. Some new wave eating style recommended by my old buddies. lol.
Below is the Best Chendol in Taiping. Some prefer Ansari Chendol. Similar lah. Just behind St George Secondary School. Order the most expensive one la. Sure won't regret one. Sedap.
Next time the boss must give me free chendol lah... so much publicity already. Maybe I can advertise Extreme Power rackets there. lol. Click here for map.

Luk-Luk (Lok-lok) and Rojak near old Rex cinema below. Famous in Malaysia as well.

Can buy the Rojak paste also. Yummy drink.

Other notable popular food.

Lian Thong Tofu is famous at 5 kota road.

PSL goreng pisang at 85 jln pasar

Duck rice, lor bak and ckt at Peace Hotel

Hua Soon ckt with duck egg at 13 Medan Pasar, Simpang

Below is the famous Prawn Mee or Mee Banjir Udang Kuala Sepetang (Port Weld). Just ask around when you are there (Choose either MakTeh or MakJah). West of Taiping. Address is batu 9, Jalan Kuala Sepetang. (Some nice seafood chinese restaurant are here as well. Curry mee or laksa is famous. In the afternoon only. Ask the locals there.). There's an eco park nearby for you to learn about making charcoal. Export to Japan. Nice stuff.
Humungus? Take the big plate.
This place below is famous in Kamunting. You will need to pass the cross street at the traffic light. This is what it means my putting curry or laksa gravy on top of the dry noodles.

The No name makan place. Click here for location.

Here's a little secret diary of me in Taiping. Follow lah if you can tahan. lol.

Go jalan2 at Lake Garden and blow whistle at leng lui... Swee Char bor... Tayang jogging when people watching, when no one watching, jalan la...

You know what I used to eat in the morning? You will faint my friend. Be prepared to lie down on the floor with your legs up. It is important to have a balance life. If you eat hard, exercise hard. There is no short cut.

Breakfast, Go casual market and eat Chee cheong fun then go for prawn noodles or koayteow soup, then walk to the bowling market for koay kak with lor mai fun and apums. Wait till u see my tummy. One big muscle. lol. However, due to the availability of Taiping Hill, it shall not grow any bigger. Don't panic; everything is under control. lol. Life is short lah. So, just whack.

For lunch, go for chicken rice at Prima food court. The wanton mee is also good. Used to be from Tai Chin (the famous popiah restaurant).

Then rest and prepare run up the Maxwell hill about 3pm. Do stretching and warm up first. Else kena cramps pulak. This is a physical orgy. Run consistently up the hill and you will sweat as if you have taken a shower. Enjoy the cool streams there. Suck up all the fresh air and enjoy the scenery at Pondok 2/3. It is a climax. Free tea at pondok 2 or 3. Chat with locals. You should be able to see die hard walkers there. Send my regards to them. Ask them if the know the famous badminton kaki Ah Joe.

You can take your time to walk down and jump into the famous Malaysia first Coronation pool for a cool dip. Enjoy the malay laksa or rojak after that. ahhh. shiok...

For dinner, indigestion issue (siaran tergendala sebentar), dono what to whack. Just go opposite Novotel and eat wanton mee curry,  vegetarian and drink the rich soya bean milk, coconut juice or chinese bitter tea. If too early, can visit Mr Chan sports nearby (go talk ayam there), send my regards to him. All badminton kakis will know each other.

At 7pm, play badminton with badminton kakis. See

Supper, go to Taiping Mall again and sapu Kari Mee, KoayTeow Soup, Wonton Mee (tambah chillies and order Chicken feet also can lah) and a glass of cooling home made barley drink. Some call it foursome. lol.

Alternatively, goto SiangMalam to eat ccf, ckt, mee rebus and nasi lemak. Then sleep like a u know what lah... oink oink..

Such is a great, enjoyable, simple life in Taiping. For the next day, you may try different combinations. Don't get jealous kawan. Get even. Follow lah. Yummilicious right? lol.

One thing you may not regret is regretting for not doing it. It is meant to confuse you. lol.

In mid July, durian season is on, you can buy coupon (will always go up due to inflation), one could eat as many durians as one pleases during the durian fest at the Bukit Gantang (north-bound) rest area of the North and South Expressway. Guava also pretty good there now.

For other popular halal places, you can try the famous mee goreng doli, mamak stalls at Railway station, KE Corner layan western food; lots of people there. My school badminton/football colleague owns the place. There are other places with nice food. Keep dropping in for updates...Thanks to those contributed. If you need an itinerary for 3 nights and 2 days package, let me know.

I welcome suggestions on good makan place as well. Thanks. Go Taiping!!!

Remember to drink Kangen Water ya. Helps you live longer also. Seriously. People even sell the water in shopping centres. Use my referral ID if you buy the machine. ( 1058480 or email me ). Seems to be very famous in Taiping. Lots of people bought it.

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