Saturday, April 25, 2009

Taiping Map (Taiping, Perak. Malaysia)

Welcome to the best Taiping Blog.
This website gives you all the information you need to know about Taiping.

It will be enhanced accordingly depending on my mood lah... boleh tak? aha...
In other words you get the best of taiping here.

The best Taiping Blog in Town. The best Taiping food is also available here.
You will never go hungry and this will give you good reasons to stay in Taiping longer to enjoy all the food.
I am also trying to put a little humour into this site and hope that you will enjoy the ride as you go along. Life is short man. Enjoy it lah. Hang boleh ke ni?

Every Malaysian must visit this town! (Wajib and no buts pls, else kena sebat. lol) Right?The best place to enjoy your holiday and to live (Come back retire la...).

Hope you enjoy the site and brings good memories back to Taiping kakis. I know some have teary eyes already while reading this (So romantic, dun get too emotional ya. relex la). lol.
It gets better as you go further below. You can also contribute by putting some good makan places. The food here is Platinum standard. Not just Gold standard. lol. 

Anyway if you or your friends are in Singapore and need a genuine Taiping Badminton coach for yourself or kids. You can email to me at


  1. I like the photos you have. Taiping is much underrated by international tourism.


  2. helo taiping blog...
    thanks for dropping by my blog..
    yes the revolver globe is free.. click on it and paste under ur url...
    by the way, your blog is nice.
    will read more often :)
    cheers for now
    PS: I have added u in my blog!

  3. thanks for putting up this blog
    i am visiting taiping soon
    and will use the guideline here for makan makan

  4. We have new Homestay in Taiping! Come take a look!

  5. hi, i'm planning to taiping. Can you give any information about public transportation in taiping?


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